Traverse The Peloponnese Peninsula 6 days tour

Day 1
The tour starts early morning from your pick up location. After 2 hours of driving, you will arrive in Corinth Canal where you will admire the breathtaking view of the canal.Next stop will take place at Ancient Corinth where you will visit the archaeological site and obsere closely the magnificent temple of Apollo and the ancient site.

As soon as you finish, you will continue by visiting Mycenae and Atreus treasury. The next stop will be in Nafplio city and Tolo village where you will enjoy traditional dishes in a Greek restaurant next to the beach.
After your lunch, you will visit Epidaurus archaeological site and ancient theatre. This is the last stop before making your way to Nafplio city where you will accommodate and you will have free time to admire Greece’ s first capital.

Day 2
The tour continues after your breakfast.After 3 hours of driving, you will arrive in Ancient Olympia Village.Visit the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, where you will have almost 3 hours to admire the area where the first ancient Olympic Games took place.

After that, you will visit the Archimedes Museum and Ancient Olympia Village, where you will enjoy traditional Greek food. In Ancient Olympia Village, you will accommodate and you will have free time for shopping, coffee and sweets.

Day 3
The tour start at early morning.The first stop will be the medieval Fortress of Kyparissia. Amazing Frankish fortress, with a breathtaking view which travels you at the medieval times.
After Kyparissia, you will visit the Palace of the mythical King Nestor and archaeological museum of Chora. Nestor was the biggest king of ancient Pylos and you will stay speechless on the view of this monument.

Next stop will be in Pylos Village,a unique vllage next to the sea, where you will enjoy local dishes. As soon as finish your lunch, you will observe closely the Neokastro which was an Ottoman fortification and the archaeological museum of Pylos, which will be your last stop for that day. Then, you will accommodate in Pylos Village and you will have free time to admire this traditional seaside village.

Day 4
The tour continues after your breakfast.
After 3 hours of driving, you will arrive at Alepotrypa cave (literally meaning ‘The Fox’s Hole’), which is one of the amazing caves of Diros located in the Mani region of the Peloponnese Peninsula.
There, you will admire the beautiful and dramatic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, formed millions of years ago, when the sea, located just a few meters away, started to rise and formed the lake you see today. It is the excitement of not knowing what can be hiding in the darkness beyond the illuminated 1.5k route, and the realization of the sheer size of this underground miracle of nature.

After that, you will enjoy traditional Greek lunch in Aeropoli Village, located in the heart of ‘Mani’. As soon as finish your lunch, you will visit Githio Village where you will accommodate. There, you will have free time for shopping souvenirs, coffee and sweets.

Day 5
The tour starts after your breakfast.
After 2 hours of driving, you will arrive at the famous Monemvasia. Monemvasia is a town and a municipality in Laconia, Greece. The town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese. The island is linked to the mainland by a short causeway 200m in length. Its area consists mostly of a large plateau some 100 metres above sea level, up to 300 m wide and 1 km long, the site of a powerful medieval fortress.

The town walls and many Byzantine churches remain from the medieval period. There you will spend almost the whole day to admire the sightseeings and to enjoy traditional dishes in combination with local wines. Accommodation will be in Monemvasia.

Day 6
After 2 hours of driving in the morning, you will arrive at world-famous Mystras. Mystras is a is a fortified town and a former municipality in Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece. Situated on Mt. Taygetos, near ancient Sparta, it served as the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea in the 14th and 15th centuries, experiencing a period of prosperity and cultural flowering.

The site remained inhabited throughout the Ottoman period when it was mistaken by Western travellers for ancient Sparta. In the 1830s, it was abandoned and the new town of Sparti was built, approximately eight kilometres to the east.

There, you will have 2 hours to discover the Mystras Castle. Before you take the way back to Athens, you will have a stop to Sparta, to enjoy traditional Greek food. As soon as finish your lunch, you will make your way back to Athens. It will be approximately 3 hours of driving.

Tour duration: 6 days

Cost: €2400

Day 1
Corinth Canal
Ancient Corinth
Atreus Treasury
Nafplio City
Tolo Village
Epidaurus Archaeological Site
Ancient Theatre

Day 2
Ancient Olympia
Archaeological Site of Ancient Olympia
Ancient Stadium
Archimedes Museum

Day 3
Fortress of Kyparissia
Nestor’s Palace
Archaeological Museum of Chora
Pylos Village
Neokastro fortress
Museum of Pylos

Day 4
Alepotrypa cave
Diros caves
Aeropoli Village
Githio Village

Day 5
Monemvasia Village
Monemvasia Fortress which includes: Venetian style houses, House of the famous Greek poet Yannis Ritsos, Church of Saint Nikolas, Church of Agia Sophia, Belltower

Day 6
Mystras Village
Mystras fortress
Sparta City

Bottled water
Hotel/port pick up and drop off
Enlish speaking drivers
Pickup and drop off designated meeting points
Private tour
Transport by air-conditioned car/minivan/minibus/Coach
Wifi on board
Snacks and soft drinks on board
USB chargers on each seat line

Not included
Tickets for archeological sites,monuments and museums
Expenses for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Guiding inside archeological sites and monuments. Tourist guides who can accompany you inside archeological sites and museums can be arranged with extra charge
Accommodation- We can arrange accommodation for your multiple day tours, with extra cost

Ancient Corinth
Full: €8 , reduced: €4

Full: €12, reduced: €6

Full: €12, reduced: €6

Full: €12, reduced: €6

Nestor palace
Full: €6, reduced: €3

Full: €6, reduced: €3

Diros Caves
Full: €15, reduced: €10

Mystras castle
Full: €12, reduced: €6

Reduced ticket: European citizens over 65 years old, University students
Free entrance: People under 18 years old, students from European Union

January 1st: closed
March 25th꞉ closed
May 1st: closed
Easter Sunday: closed
December 25th: closed
December 26th: closed

March 6th (in memory of Melina Mercuri)
April 18th (international monuments day)
May 18th (international museums day)
Last weekend of September (European heritage days)
October 28th
Every 1st Sunday from November to March

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